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KNEAD baking company is a family run artisan bakery serving Ojai + Ventura County.  We specialize in cakes, pastry, desserts, breads, breakfast, lunch, picnic fare, specialty food and food related products.   

Dear Loyal Customers,

It’s been 8 years since we opened the doors at KNEAD, and almost 10 years since our early days selling baked goods at the Ojai Farmers Market. In that time we’ve seen our town and business grow ever more bustling with local families and tourists excited to enjoy our food and this beautiful valley.

The life of a baker is both magical and strenuous. Early mornings, repetitive physical labor, and the complexities of running a food business are balanced by the incredible smells we inhale each day. We feel deep satisfaction from using our hands, science, and art to create food that nourishes people. We are a part of your everyday rituals and special occasions.    

As Ojai has evolved, it’s been challenging for us to find enough staff members who share our commitment, intensity, and love for the craft. Our business has truly remained family owned and operated.  Bobbi still makes every special order cake, Jake bakes each loaf of bread, Rachel is in before the sun rises to do the morning bake and lovingly prepares each dish that comes out of our kitchen, while Leah does it all: ordering, accounting, cooking, maintenance, customer service, and more!

Our business continues to grow as our staff dwindles. Our family is changing too. Bobbi loves what she does, but is hoping to retire in the next few years. Rachel and her husband Tim are expecting a baby girl in September. Leah is ready to get out of the kitchen and interact with our customers again, using her people skills to provide the outstanding customer service we believe is so incredibly important to a small business like ours. 

We’ve been so busy just keeping up that it’s been hard to find time for inspiration and creativity. We want to spend more time testing new recipes and exploring the incredible farms and markets surrounding us.  We want to dig into old family recipes whose nostalgic flavors remind us of another time and place. We want to hold on to traditions that celebrate the holidays and the changing seasons. We want to get back to our baking roots.

It’s time to reflect and evolve. It’s time to pull back and take care of our bodies, our minds, our space, our small and dedicated staff, and our wonderful customers. It’s time to find a deeper satisfaction in our work, a balance in our lives, and a sustainable place in our community.

We are headed in a new direction inspired by the European bakeries and cafes we love. With quality and simplicity as the rule, we will be reworking our breakfast and lunch menu.

Please stay connected with us on social media (@kneadbakingcompany) as we experiment with new savory baked goods, frittatas, baguette sandwiches, and tartines featuring local seasonal produce.

Looking forward!

Bobbi, Leah and Rachel

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KNEAD will be closed June 16th - 18th